Into my own light

No matter how old you are, you will always learn new lessons in life. It is as much a part of the growing older process as the growing up process. One valuable lesson I have learned very recently is to not always stand behind the curtain. Sometimes for your own sanity, you have to allow your own beauty, talents, and charm to shine beyond someone else’s. And there is  absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to step into your own spotlight, as long as you don’t push someone else out into oncoming traffic as you take your step


Hair (Jailey) by EMO-tions @ June WLRP
Eyes (Thea – Abyss) by Song – Previous Gacha Item at SaNaRae
Lipstick (Moira) by Nova @ The Dressing Room
Dress (Reese Gown) by Salt & Pepper – June Midnight Madness
Jewelry (Enchanted Ruby and Onyx Set) by Lazuri