Getting back to myself


The past six months in my real life, as well as my second life, have been filled with many highs and lows. Of course, life will always throw us into some very chaotic situations, sometimes, just to see if we are paying attention! Physically, I have endured some of the worst moments of my life in the past six months. There have been a few times this year when I was unsure exactly what my future was going to be like. And, I’ve had to let fate decide my future, while I sat helplessly in the backseat. As things with my health progressed, I did manage to find out something absolutely amazing!  My real life partner and love of my life is someone I can count on, to be my rock, during my darkest of hours. He has shown me, without a doubt, that he can handle the weight of my crumbling world on his shoulders, when I am to weak to carry it on my own. That, in my eyes, is unconditional love.

During this six months, I’ve had to literally re-invent myself for my own sanity. My likes, dislikes, my relationships, my friendships, my interests, everything began to slowly change, to adapt, to evolve. Some of these changes were  not for better or worse, they were just simply changes. But, my outlook on life, my future, my relationships, my dreams, my goals…everything slowly changed. I was learning to adapt to my new life and I had finally come to understand that my way of doing things may have to permanently change. And this at times, made me sad, I felt broken and I felt in a dark place. The feeling of the unknown can be a very scary feeling. So, I did the only thing I knew to do, I logged into Second Life and I began shopping for shoes! LOL

But, then yesterday, I found out that my physical health has been tremendously improving enough that I am almost 100% back to normal! Omg, what an uplifting feeling! I can return to my full-time real life job, I can make plans for the holidays, I can start focusing on what is most important to me again!  I have a future to look forward to again! And, I am very excited for these changes to start happening in my real life.

With this news, also comes some changes for me with Second Life. Blogging everyday will no longer be a possibility. I just have way to much in life to catch up on and I can’t possibility focus on blogging every single day. But, I love taking photos and I have made some very wonderful friendships so I absolutely can’t give up on blogging!  However, I am starting my next phase of challenges within my Second Life. I am going to create my own mesh designs. It is something I have wanted to do for a very long time and something I feel I’ll be successful at. Creating is a very slow process for me because I am so OCD about the end results, so posting new designs won’t be something I am able to do on a regular basis. I still have to tend to my real life needs and work my full-time day job, so creating mesh will have to be a part-time endeavor for now along with blogging. But, I feel like it is something that I’m really going to enjoy.

Our lives are very short and six months is a long time to lose. I’ve got so many things to catch up on, to do, to see!!  It is time for me to jump right into all the things I have been waiting so long to do in my real life and my second life!

And, I hope the last six months of this year turn out to be much brighter and more productive than the first six months.

Home Sweet Home


Hair (Gigi  Essential Ombres -Rare) by Pr!tty @ The Chapter Four
Bow (The Blair Bow – Rainbow) by ATooly
Necklace (Heart Necklace – Silver) by Kibitz
Dress (Spring Sundress – Rare) by Reign
Shoes (Bow Pumps) by Reign
Bag (Spoiled Tote Bag – Rare) by Soda Pop Shop @ The Play Room
Kitten (Mittens Cat Follow Pet) by Lassitude & Ennui

Cottage (Toddledoo Playhouse -Pink) by Ray 
*Cottage modified by me, will not look same as advertisement photo*
Path (Cobblestone Path) by Jian
Fence (Springtime Gate) by What Next
Flowers (Sweet Garden Grass) by HPMD